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If your vehicle is written off or stolen, GAP insurance will make up the shortfall between the market value and what was originally paid. Protecting you from being out of pocket.

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  • Policy options for new or used vehicle finance arrangements
  • Regularly more affordable than policies from car dealers & traders
  • Ideal for vehicles valued up to £150,000
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Understand GAP Insurance services

Combined Total Loss GAP Insurance

This policy covers all eventualities, covering the GAP between your main motor insurance settlement, the price you paid for the vehicle and any outstanding finance.

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Return To Invoice GAP Insurance

This popular policy covers the GAP between your motor insurance settlement and the amount you originally paid for your vehicle. Including factory fitted options.

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Vehicle Finance GAP Insurance

If a large proportion of your vehicle is funded by finance you could end up owing the finance company more than your insurance settlement. This policy covers the GAP.

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Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance

Covers the GAP between the invoice price of the vehicle you bought and the price of an equivalent model at the time that your vehicle is written off or stolen.

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GAP Insurance explained

The Problem

InsuretheGap.com GAP Insurance

If your vehicle is subject to “total loss” in the event of it being written off or stolen you could face a significant financial shortfall.

Comprehensive motor insurance will base their settlement on the current market value of the vehicle, potentially leaving a big gap between what you paid initially and what you receive as an insurance settlement.

The Solution

InsuretheGap.com GAP Insurance

GAP insurance bridges the gap between what your motor insurance pays out and what you originally paid for the vehicle - meaning you're not left out of pocket or left paying finance for a vehicle you no longer have.

If you want to protect yourself then Insure the GAP are the experts you can trust to find the right solution for your situation.

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