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Vehicle Finance GAP Insurance

If you’ve bought a vehicle using a finance agreement the amount that you still owe following the write off or theft of your vehicle could be more than the amount you get from your comprehensive insurance company, leaving you with money to pay for a car you no longer own. Vehicle Finance GAP Insurance pays the difference between your insurance settlement and your outstanding finance.

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Finance GAP Insurance

When you take out a finance agreement on a car, the interest and costs are normally added to the total amount you have to pay up-front. What’s more, the vehicle that you buy is likely to depreciate more quickly than the balance on your finance agreement, leaving you potentially owing more to the finance company if your vehicle is stolen or written off than you will get back from your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. You can avoid the financial headache of continuing to pay finance on a vehicle you no longer own with a Finance GAP Insurance policy from InsuretheGap.com

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Key Features

  • Provides Finance GAP protection for up to 4 years
  • Pays £250 standard excess towards your comprehensive insurance: With flexibility to increase to £750
  • Pays gap between the outstanding finance remaining on the vehicle and your comprehensive motor insurance settlement
  • Available for private and business use

Cost of vehicle £25,000

Insurance Pays £15,000

GAP Pays £10,000

Vehicle Finance GAP Insurance
In the event of your vehicle being written off, Finance GAP will give you the money you need to buy another comparable vehicle or pay off your finance.