GAP Insurance: Product Guide

If your vehicle is written off or stolen the amount you get back from your insurance company is likely to be a lot less than the amount you paid for the vehicle. If you have used vehicle finance, the amount you get back could also be less than the money you still owe, leaving you with a painful financial gap.

At InsuretheGap.com we have a range of products to suit the needs of different motorists, giving peace of mind that should the worst happen you’re not left out of pocket. Our policies are designed to provide GAP insurance for cars, vans and motorbikes and provide protection whether you’re using vehicle finance or not.

When you get a quote, our website will help filter the appropriate products for you based on the answers you provide, but you can familiarise yourself in advance with all of the options available within this section of the site.

Vehicle Finance GAP Insurance

If a large proportion of your vehicle is funded by finance you could end up owing the finance company more than your insurance settlement. This policy covers the GAP.